Montag, 26. März 2012

@ Hell's Gate

No worries, everything is fine, Hell’s Gate is just the name of a national park. But first things first: After our demanding trip to Nakuru we just enjoyed staying in the Graceland hotel without doing anything. We had our laundry done (snobby, isn’t it?), enjoyed the shower and even more that they had cold beverages! And our good luck was not over yet! We met two Dutch people, brother and sister (what’s the English word for “Geschwister”?), and they were full of energy and ready to head to the town. We joined them and spent a very nice evening in town. The next day the four of us went to the nearby crater. We walked up the hill, did some extra D-tours through a burned forest (At the moment Kenya suffers from the dry weather and there are a lot of fires in all the forests). The view was great, the people very nice and to top it all we got a free ride back to town in the back of a police pickup (Imagine the police doing this back home ;-) ) ! Back in town we went to Nakuru National Park. Even at the gate we could spot some buffalos, hippos, zebras and of course baboons. Unfortunately the entry is 80$ pp and the obligatory car additional 50$ - 200$ so we decided to go back to our hotel. The next day the Dutchs where leaving and we did what we like very much: nothing!  After recovering our batteries we were ready to head to Hells’s gate national park. We took public transport, got charged 400 Shilling per person, had big arguments, were waiting for 1 hour, got 300 Schilling back because the official price is 150 and finally started towards Niavasha. Changing the bus to the entrance of the park was easy. We could easily rent two bikes and a guide and then we entered the park. It was really great to cruise right next to zebras, buffalos and all the different kinds of “antelopes”, which names I already forgot. Also the walk through the gorge was very nice! There was only little water but if there is rain the gorge seems to be full and because the material is very soft the gorge gets 30 cm’s deeper every year! We can really recommend this park, the entrance is “only” 20$ and it’s the only park in Kenya where you can go without a car, so you are very quiet and can get very close to all the animals. 

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