Samstag, 31. März 2012

Sleepless because of loud neighbors

Anna and I traveled north to lake Baringo. We now have our “tricks” to avoid the hassle around the bus stations. Normally we walked to bus “terminals” and of course there are always some nasty fellows waiting for you, wanting to carry your luggage and bringing you to the emptiest bus (I think I mentioned it prior that the bus only starts when it’s full and that it’s always a hassle getting the right one…) and finally charging you two to three times more than normal price. Well, that’s history! By now we order a taxi or tuktuk and let our driver ask where the right bus is. With this strategy we just stop in front of the right bus. Instead of just paying directly we now ask the other passengers how much they paid and we tell them that we normally get ripped off (true). Like this we have - within short time - half of the passengers taking care that we get charged the right price, without extra charge for luggage, that we get dropped off where we want and that no one is bothering us in any other way! Now travelling is really relaxing!
Another thing we really enjoy is that Kenya has supermarkets with everything! Well at least everything we need. And almost everyone is speaking English so you can get information from everyone. Except the roads almost everything is quite more developed here, therefore you also pay more for most things but that’s ok.
Ok, now back to the loud neighbors, it’s not only that they are loud, they also stink! After the first sleepless night we decided that it’s enough and we stepped out our tent to tell them what… – and we saw this and silently moved back in our tent, trying not to make any noise:

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