Montag, 29. Oktober 2012

First impressions

For those of you waiting desperately for the solution of the big question (last post: guess where we are) here it comes: SEOUL
Well, I think most of you already realized because of some suspicious facebook posts…
Anyway I can tell you it's great here. Especially the food:
Nice BBQ on the table

And even though it’s said that Koreans are withdrawn or shy (Check that video), we did not experience as such. They don’t spy you at all but if they occasionally realize that you need some help: (puzzled look in front of a map with only Korean signs on it) they just come over and ask if they can help you.

As you can see we are enjoying it here. But of course I did not forget what I promised you about gangnam style. By the way it’s very popular at the moment as you can see in a recent article in lonely planet. To prove that it's really like this see what we found this weekend:

To come to an end and for those of you who always wanted to know if Koreans are still eating dogs:

Answer 1: NO, they're just pets!

Answer 2: or maybe…

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