Mittwoch, 7. November 2012

Slightly delayed in Manila

Wow, time is passing by so fast. We enjoyed Seoul pretty much. The mixture between modern city and ancient temples is very impressive. What else is there to say? Everything is organized and on the latest technical standart. For example if you want to take a bus without a Smartphone you’re kind of lost but if you’ve got a smart phone you know exactly where your desired bus is at the moment (real-time), how long you have to wait and when you’ll arrive at your destination. In any way I can just recommend visiting this place.

But as the weather was getting worse we decided to skip the excursions to the country side of South Korea and took a direct flight to Manila, not forgetting to update you with the latest gangnam style:

We were in a little hurry for the check in because we didn’t have the necessary return flight which is mandatory for the visa. Somehow we booked it online just in time and stressed to the gate. Unfortunately our flight with CEBU had a slight delay of 5 hours, breathtaking that we were running all the way...
Instead of arriving at 01:00a.m. we arrived at 07:30 this morning and we were pretty happy that we (against our normal habits) had already booked our hotel in advance.

The decent check in and the following view compensated the trouble we had: